Steve Aoki Remixed “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance

Steve Aoki remixing an MCR classic may not sound that appealing at first – especially when it’s “Welcome to the Black Parade”. But if you chill out for a second and give it a listen, the remix is actually really great. The song premiered Monday 11/28 on Buzzfeed  and was released with an interview including Gerard Way and Steve Aoki himself. The two answered questions about working on the song from the start and MCR reunion rumors.


Why Steve Aoki and Gerard Way are remixing songs may stem from Aoki’s background. After watching “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” the documentary on Aoki (it’s on Netflix & it’s really good) viewers learn that in the late 90’s/2000’s Steve Aoki was deep into the Santa Barbara hardcore scene. The documentary shows Steve throwing shows and letting bands such as Jimmy Eat World, AFI, At The Drive In, and more play in his college apartment. So it makes sense that he would take a song like this one and work it so that it even gets the approval of Gerard Way himself. The drop is insane and you will definitely be feeling the emo flashbacks by the end. Take a listen below.

photo: twitter @steveaoki


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