BN Interview: Marina City

marina city

Marina City is bringing a new things to the table such as their new genre: aggressive pop rock. Fusing heavy instrumentals with keys and catchy three-part harmonies, the band knows how to stand out above the rest. Black Noise sat down with Marina City to ask them a few questions about their unique style.

Can you tell us a bit about Marina City for those who many not be familiar?

Yeah! We are an Aggressive Pop Rock sextet from Chicago. We are completely independent which means we do all of our own booking, managing, and are our own label! Since the 6 of us have such different musical backgrounds, instead of just forming a band to play one genre, we created something a little different where we add funk, soul, metal, jazz, pop, and rock in our songs. -(Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals) 

You guys are gearing up to head out on tour with Craig Owens’ new project, badXchannels, how excited are you guys to hit the road? Any cities you’re most excited to visit?

The excitement is too real. I honestly can’t wait to be on the road with BadXChannels! Craig is a solid dude and I’m certain the tour will be nothing but great times. I’ve been listening to Colours as well, and I have to say that this tour package will be amazing. We’ve never done this set for our fans, so that’s exciting for us as well. California has been calling our name since we’ve first played there on Warped Tour, so it’s safe to say that’s a part of the tour we’re stoked on! We received such a warm welcome our first time there and can’t wait to go back! -(Matt Gaudiano | Keys/Vocals)

What would you guys describe your sound as and where do you draw influences from?

All 6 of us like different styles of music so some bands we get inspiration from are Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, A Day To Remember, Mayday Parade, Metallica, Megadeath, Blink-182, Sam Smith, and whatever else we are listening to at the moment. We aren’t limiting ourselves in what we play. (Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)

How do you feel you’ve grown from when you first formed to now? What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned along the way?

Being in Marina City has taught us so much, about being in a band, and how to be a better person. As a musician, playing together for over 4 years has definitely made us tighter, we’ve learned how to gel and be cohesive with each other. Personally, I’ve done a lot of growing. The biggest lesson for me is to never underestimate yourself. No matter what the circumstances are, if you’re surrounded by the right people and work your hardest, you can achieve all your dreams. -(Matt Gaudiano | Keys/Vocals)

How did you all get together and form Marina City and where did the inspiration to form a group come from?

I was a solo act signed to a production deal. Eric, Brian, and Matt were all part of my backing band including the original lead guitarist and bassist of Marina City. When I was done being a solo act and I didn’t need to resign my contract I wanted to do something different and start over. We became Marina City. A couple months in the project a child hood friend Aaron joined for bass and we met Todor through playing shows with his previous band. We wanted to create a band where we all felt involved and we all loved the music we were playing. -(Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)

What makes Marina City stand out from the rest of the bands in the industry?

Most people have a hard time nailing down what music we are and most people don’t know if they are suppose to dance or mosh at a show. But it doesn’t matter what you are suppose to do, it just matters how the music makes you feel and we believe that is why fans are having a strong connection with us. The music is whatever you want it to be. -(Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals) 

What would you say has been the most difficult part of your career for you all personally and collectively?

Everyone in the industry wants us to do one style of music or their style of music and doesn’t want to take a chance on what we think is actually working and why people, like you, want to even have an interview with us. So there is a lot of convincing we have to do to show that this music can work! -(Ryan Argast | Lead Vocals)

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