BN Interview: Dreamers


Based out of Los Angeles, the up and coming band, Dreamers, are getting ready to hit the road this month after having toured with notable artists such as X Ambassadors, Stone Temple Pilots and more. Black Noise got the chance to sit and ask a few questions before the start of their upcoming tour.

Can you tell us a bit about Dreamers for any readers who may not be familiar?

Dreamers is a 3-piece alt rock band from Brooklyn, NY, currently residing in Los Angeles and touring all around the US and Canada. 

What makes Dreamers stand out from the rest of the artists in the industry?

We never really set out to stand out, but just to make great honest rock and roll and pop music.  We want to bring the sounds from our favorite periods of music, 60’s rock’n’roll, 70’s punk, 90’s grunge, etc, and bring it into today. 

You guys are currently gearing up to tour in November, how excited are you to hit the road again? Any cities you’re stoked to visit for the first time?

We’re very excited to be back on the road.  We just finished a month tour and only had 5 days off between, now to be right back again we’re really getting into the swing of it.  I don’t know how we could go back to the stationary life.  Excited to get back down to Florida, it’s been over a year. 

Dreamers has toured with bands such as X AmbassadorsStone Temple Pilots and more. What was your favorite group to play with?

Those were two incredible bands to meet and watch work.  We’ve gotten to play and tour with so many good bands over the last 2 years it’s really impossible to pick a favorite.  Zella Day, Atlas Genius, The Mowglis, Airborne Toxic Event just to name a few, all great bands and great people that we’ve had the pleasure of meeting on this journey.  

Favorite tour story?

That would have to be when we found an abandoned kitten on the road and took her with us.  It fed our souls to have her with us for a brief time, we found her a great home but we miss that cute vicious little killer. 

What are some musical influences that can be heard on your most recent album, This Album Does Not Exist? How was it working with Kevin Augunas?

Not sure how well you’ll hear them, but some of our biggest influences that are always with us are The Beatles, Bowie, Iggy Pop, Nirvana, The Strokes.  Working with Kevin at Sound City was such an amazing experience for us. He has an incredible ear and attention to detail which was great for us — we love to work hard and try to do it right. 

How did you guys get together and form Dreamers?

We had all been in bands before, toured and written. Dreamers was another try where we all thought we could do it better.  Nelson and I met in Brooklyn, and and after we signed a record deal in LA we met Jacob there.  

How do you feel you’ve grown from when you first formed to now? What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned along the way?

We’ve gone through so much in the last two years it really seems like a lot longer — driving around the entire US and Canada countless times, living on the road, meeting too many good people to count, and pouring our souls into the show each night.  You’re never the same person after that.  We’ve learned that people react to good music and good performances.  We’ve learned that hard and smart work really do pay off.  And we’ve learned that we love this life on the road.  

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