BN Interview: Boston Manor

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Able to squeeze some time in with Boston Manor ahead of their first US tour, we spoke to their vocalist Henry about their debut album Be Nothing that released September 30th. 

Debut album coming out, how’re the nerves? 
Alright thanks mate, the reception has been really good so far.
Your last EP Saudade came out in 2015, has this album been a while in the making or all written since then?
We started writing the album in August 2015, and had it finished by late October. We
recorded it for 2 weeks in February 2016.
What sets this album apart from your guys’ previous work?
Obviously with it being an album we have more to work with, it’s allowed us to be more expansive and explorative with our music. It’s definitely harder to accomplish but it’s made us much more thorough in our songwriting.
Would you say Boston Manor is entering a new stage in its life? 
Yeah I feel like we’re finally at the point we’ve been trying to get to for the past few years. I mean as far as our career is concerned we’ve basically only just begun but in terms of finding our feet we’ve sort of just got there. I’m so excited for the future man.
Was there anything different about your writing process for the album? 
We sort of have a bit of a magic formulae so we try not to stray to far from that. On the song Broken Glass we did things a little differently, we wrote the vocal melody first and then went from there. It was an unusual way to do it but was pretty organic.
These songs feel like they came from a deep place, would you agree with that? 
I think everyone tries to express themselves in their music, I’ll never write a song that doesn’t document something I feel strongly about. Some songs may be about more personal subjects than others but generally speaking it’s all genuine.
Would you say any of the tracks in particular were a more emotional to record? 
The song forget me not was a tough one. It’s about my grandmother.
 You guys must be beyond stoked touring for your debut album? 
Yeah man, we’re lucky enough to be playing a lot of new places over the next couple of months. Our first US and our first headliner!
Do you feel like this tour will be a lot different than other ones you’ve had? 
I’m not sure,’I mean I’ve never been to the US so I think it’ll be a real adventure. It’s also the longest tour we’ve ever done I think.
Do you feel like your US fans are really receptive of Boston Manor’s musical style?
From what I’ve seen yeah; I think US fans can be the toughest critics so it means a lot when someone is really into your band.
Any messages you’d like to give for your fans in America?
We can’t wait to come to your country, if you can make it to a show then that would be awesome, it would be great to hang out.
Catch Boston Manor on their Fall 2016 tour, and check out their debut album Be Nothing.
Written and interviewed by Alex Pellegrino

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