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We got a chance to catch up with NEW LANGUAGE, who are currently on tour with The Used on their 15th Anniversary Tour.

MORE: NEW LANGUAGE release new video for “Wake Up”

Can you tell us a little bit about NEW LANGUAGE for any readers who may not be familiar?

Sure thing. Last summer, Matt and I got together with our friend Tony (drummer of At The Drive-In, Sparta, and Gone Is Gone) to write some music and really just see what happens. We met in our rehearsal space in Los Angeles and started pumping out music that just felt better than any other projects we we’re currently involved in. There was a real energy to it that felt familiar yet refreshing at the same time. We quickly ended up writing 10 songs and spent the summer recording them in that same rehearsal studio. 

NEW LANGUAGE are currently on tour with The Used, how’s the tour been treating y’all so far?

So far it’s been an amazing experience. The band and everyone on their team has been very kind to us and we’ve really enjoyed playing for and meeting new fans in each city. It’s been a unique tour in that we’re able to play back to back nights in each city. Normally on tour, you load in, grab a quick bite down the street, play the show, then drive to the next city without ever getting a chance to look around the city. With this tour we’ve been able to dive into the pulse of each city which has been great. I’m currently writing you from a coffee shop called Meshuggah in St. Louis, MO. 

You guys recently released a music video for your new single, “Wake Up,” any inspiration behind the video?

Wake Up is the first song we wrote together, and the first song we recorded. There’s just so much shit going on in the world right now, and it’s frustrating how so many of us seem to be entirely preoccupied by the latest inconsequential celebrity gossip, or tabloid piece – instead of feeling and acting upon the trials we face as a worldwide society. So with Wake Up, we wanted to translate that struggle against the quicksand of crap thrown at us every day by modern media in an interesting way. In short the character in the video gets sucked up into a nightmare while watching late night tabloid TV and has to fight his way out to break through to the real world.  We collaborated with Josh Beck who directed and filmed the video and James Esposito who tackled all of the drawings and animation. 

Who influenced you guys to form NEW LANGUAGE and what’s the meaning behind the name?

The band was born really without any expectations. It’s easy to overthink writing music and being in a band, so we intentionally wanted to remove that burden and just create something honest for the sake of doing so.  NEW LANGUAGE was a band name that resonated with us because I think it embodied the ethos of our creative experience through making the record, while also touching on the vision of the band beyond the music. 

How does the writing process go about when writing new songs?

With this record, we got in a room and started hitting until certain riffs and sections that felt good naturally formulated. From the get go, we were pumping out just about two song outlines a session and keeping track by recording live versions on our phone. After the initial session, I’d go back and track scratch drums following the phone recordings. We’d then record more fleshed out instrumental demos so I could get started on formulating melodies and lyrics to the music. Once we had all the demos finished, we got started on the actual record. Tony came back in and produced the entire album and brought an invaluable approach to making a record. The whole time, we were just going with our gut and trying to refrain from overthinking. 

What would you guys describe your sound as and where do you draw influences from?

We really tried not to think about it while we were writing and recording this album. We just wanted to create something that felt raw and was honest. In retrospect I think there are a lot of innate influencers through the music we each listened to growing up that you can hear through the sounds and arrangements of the record. For someone that’s never heard our music – it’s a heavy rock album with high paced energetic sections balanced by sludgy, ambient pieces – colored by some heavier influences from the 1990s, early 2000s, and 1970s rock n roll. 

What would you like listeners to be able to take away from your music or live performances?

I think they both really play into each other. We try to give off the same energy that went into writing the record with each performance and we hope that transcends to the fans watching the show. It’s imperfect, just like the record, but it’s real and I think people crave that realism in a market where music is so often consumed by being perfect. Just because you can make a record perfect, doesn’t mean you should. That human energy is what I think makes albums and live performances special. 

Anything special planned once NEW LANGUAGE wrap up the current tour with The Used?

More touring, and more music. 

Keep up with the band on Facebook and Twitter.


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