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The Used – 15th Anniversary Tour @ House of Blues, Houston TX



The Used embarked on their 15th Year Anniversary Tour as a means to celebrate 15 years of making music. They will be performing two nights on every city they will be at and will showcase their first 2 albums in full. In the age of digital music downloads, it is rare to see people listen to a full album today, thus, this is a reminder of the good old days where albums matter, to both fans and musicians.


The first night will see them playing their Self-Titled album in full. There’s something about playing an album from front to back. There is no mystery as to what the band will be playing next plus, like how an album is supposed to be, it tells a story. In this case, a story of how music saves lives. The Used kicked the night off with ‘Maybe Memories’ and immediately the crowd sang along in unison.

Fans soon realize this is more than just a regular live show, more than just a band playing their favorite songs to a crowd. This is an appreciation, an expression of gratitude of the band towards their fans, fans to the music that has constantly been there for them and as Bert McCracken continuously repeat throughout the night, of how music saves lives. It was obvious how much this show means to Bert. He was constantly talking to the fans about how in the 15 years they have changed, as musicians and as human beings. “Music has been there for me and saved my life countless of times,” Bert said before they played “The Taste of Ink” their debut single from the album. He owes his life to music and especially to the fans who were there tonight and also to those who have stuck by him for the past 15 years. He mentions how 15 years later, this music means alot more to him than it did ever before and judging from the crowd, it did to them as well.


The set continues with “Bulimic”, “Say Days Ago” and their second single “Buried Myself Alive”. They then played the popular “Blue and Yellow” in which Bert describes it as his “favorite Used song” and no doubt it was the crowd’s as well. Everyone was singing to every lyrics at the top of their lungs. Just like how Bert could count on his favorite artist on either of his best or worst days, Bert was always there for his fans when they needed him the most, especially tonight.


Everytime the crowd cheered and roared, Bert acknowledge them by placing his hand on his heart and mouthing the words “Thank you” and he was just overwhelmed by the crowd’s support that he just stopped halfway through “On My Own” just drowned with emotions, but the crowd carried him back up and finished the song together.


The packed House of Blues crowd just went on a trip down memory lane, reminiscing those youthful days of frustration and teenage struggles where they would turn to their favorite bands, their saviour, their light of hope of bringing them out of the dark. And tonight, looking back and to where they were now, they will be thankful that The Used have been a part of their lives, and will continue to be.




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