BN Interview: Roots Like Mountains

1. How did you all meet and what inspired you guys to get together and form Roots Like Mountains?

We all come from different backgrounds but came together through current or previous members of RLM. Nathan is the only original member. We have been inspired by many different artists and musical styles but have always been inspired by passion.

2. I saw that you guys were on tour with the guys in I Set My Friends On Fire, how’s it going so far?

Tour with ISMFOF was great! We played to some some crowds in some killer venues. We had a blast!

3. Any major influences on your writing process and the music you produce?

We are currently being influenced by the “Nu Metal Revival” and artists like Fir For A King, The Plot In You, and A Day To Remember.

4. How has the journey been so far? Were there any challenges you had to overcome to develop your musical style and presence?

The journey is always evolving. Always changing. We are constantly surrounded by challenges. We have had to overcome many setbacks in developing our sound in the definition of who we are.

5. What’s your favorite part of touring and playing shows? Who would you like to tour with in the future?

I think it is safe to say the we are addicted to the road. We love being able to meet new favs play great shows and travel. Tour as a whole is our favorite thing to do. We would love to tour with BMTH, ADTR, ABR, and or Beartooth. That would be a crazy solid tour package to be on.

6. What do you guys hope for 2016 to bring you guys, personally and band wise?

2016 has set us on a path of change. We are looking to introduce Roots as it has always meant to be. We cannot wait to show you what we have been up to and run head on into 2017 with all of you.

7. Who’s your dream collaborator, be it an artist or producer?

For us being able to collaborate with names like Skrillex, Chester Bennington, and Caleb Shomo would be a dream come true.

8. At last, What message would you like to give to your fans and our readers?

Be sure to check out or new single “Dead Man” out now through all major online distribution sites like iTunes. See the new Music Video via Youtube. And, stay up to date with us on Facebook!

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