BN Interview: No More Excuses

no more excuses

Progressive Hard Rock group “No More Excuses” hail from Denver, Colorado. Their powerful guitars, propulsive bass, hard drums, and sweeping vocals are what make NME one of a kind. NME are currently on the first leg of the “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” US tour. I caught up with Cody, Sam, and Justin before their set in Cadiz, Kentucky to ask them a few questions.

For anyone who has never listened to No More Excuses , what would you describe your sound as?

We tell people that we are like a hard progressive rock , but we are like a catchy hard progressive rock. It’s hard to describe, you just have to come see us.

How did you guys form No More Excuses?

We are just all buddies. Cody and I (Sam) were both in a band together before this. Our band played shows with other bands and we all just met up and started making music together.

You guys just released your first full length  in early July , how was the recording process for that?

It was actually long. We spent the last year recording this album. We went to a couple different studios. Used some different people to help us get through it. We did some stuff on our own to, like we were in our house and recording some parts of it as well.  It really is just a mix of everything, different engineers and different studios.

Who writes the majority of the lyrics in the band?

Justin usually writes most of the lyrics. Cody sometimes has good stuff that comes out, he makes up really good lines. But Justin is more rounded when it comes to all the lyrics.

If you had to tour with 2 other bands, who would they be?

 Let Live, Refused , and A Wilhelm Scream. That is 3 but hey man, 3 is good.

You guys gave up everything to focus solely on music, what made you guys make this decision?

We spend a lot of our time touring anyways, we work 40 plus hour weeks just to pay to maybe be able to do this for a weekend or two. So when it came down to how we can make this last longer, we all just came to the conclusion that we should just get rid of the bills! Denver rent has gotten crazy since weed is legal now. All of our rent has gone up so much. So we just hit the road so we didn’t have to pay this much money anymore!

For music and more information on No More Excuses, check out the following links!



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