BN Interview: The Commuters

The Commuters

1. It’s been four years since you last released a record, what can we expect from the upcoming EP, “Before I was Born?” How was the recording process?

Time flies! I think you can expect a slightly more evolved sound and fresh perspective. At least I hope that’s what comes across!

That said, the recording process was very similar to the last time around. I wrote the songs over the past few years and created demos in my home studio. Then brought them to Uri and we created arrangement and production ideas. Then brought the other guys into the studio to record/arrange and then Uri and I spent a bunch more time laying down more parts, mixing, etc. Seems to work for us so we kept it the same way. 

2. Who wrote the majority of the lyrics for the EP?

I wrote the songs (lyrics and music). Basically our approach is I come up with songs and demos and we take it from there. 

3. What can we expect from The Commuters after the release of the upcoming EP Before I Was Born?

Shows! Will do a release show in NY and then hopefully more East Coast dates. 

We’ll also aim to put out a couple of more music videos this year. Really excited about the ones in the hopper!

4. Who influenced you guys to form The Commuters? Where did the name come from?

I think we all grew up listening to various rock bands and so as musicians we all wanted be in one! I had written a bunch of songs and Uri had a studio, he encouraged me to work on them. We were working on them together not knowing where they’d go, but as they took shape I said this has to be a band and you have to be in it. Uri had worked with Ben before, Ben had worked with Paul and we all came together that way. 

The name has multiple meanings — we’re all from NYC and commuting is ingrained in the ethos of the city. Plus it’s about always being on a journey and always returning home, which I think is a good description of what we’re up to musically. 

5. What would you guys describe your sound as and where do you draw influences from?

I would say we’re alternative rock with a strong melodic bent. Lots of alternative rock bands — Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis, Sugar; and some artists of various other genres like Peter Gabriel.  But also more contemporary ones like The Killers and bon Iver. Artists and writers who come up with strong melodies but also have an edge.

6. How has the journey been so far? Were there any challenges you had to overcome to develop your musical style and presence?

So far so good! I wouldn’t say we’ve had had major challenges we’ve had to overcome musically, but it’s always a process. We’ve evolved and it’s taken time, effort, care and all that good stuff.

7. Who’s your dream collaborator, be it an artist or producer?

HUGE fan of Brian Eno. Would love to get into the studio with him. 

8. At last, what message would you like to give to your fans and our readers?

Thanks for sticking with us, hope this new music was worth the wait and look forward to seeing you at our shows! 

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