Heirsound release music video for “Slow Motion”


Heirsound, formed by Alexa San Román & Dane Petersen, released their new video for “Slow Motion” earlier today via Bullet Magazine. “Slow Motion” comes from the duo’s upcoming EP, Merge. (Pre-order it here.)

The filming of this video was especially intimate as it was usually just Me, Dane, my sister Sam & best friend Kelsey.  My sister was going through a transition in her own life at the time & I felt like she was the perfect subject for our video considering its message so we just rolled with it.  She is a photographer & I wanted to make the video as real as possible so I basically just followed her around while we went on trips around the US.  Although this video is less straight-forward color wise, orange sunsets & fire tie our EP’s theme into this music video.  This song, its message & video all mean a lot to us & we hope that our fans can connect with it the way that we do.

MORE: Watch Heirsound’s music video for “Hoods Up”


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