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Pierce The Veil – Misadventures Tour @House of Blues, Houston



“PIERCE THE VEIL! PIERCE THE VEIL! PIERCE THE VEIL!” It was about 10 minutes before Pierce The Veil was scheduled to play and the inner walls of House of Blues Houston were already echoing with chants from the crowd. Clearly this was the night that Pierce The Veil fans were waiting for. Pierce The Veil kicked off the “Misadventures” tour to promote their latest album release “Misadventures” on May 13th 2016. It has been a four year wait ever since their last album release (Collide with the Sky, 2012) and six years since Selfish Machines (2010). This four year wait for a new album release is, as described by Vic Fuentes, is “due to touring commitments” and wanting to top their previous record. And what better way to release an album followed by a tour playing the entirety of the album.

The background music stopped and the lights darkened. Chants turn into screams and cheers. The curtain drew open slowly and there they were the members of Pierce The Veil welcoming the crowd. Pierce The Veil, of San Diego, California consists of Vic Fuentes (vocals/guitars), Mike Fuentes (drums),      Tony Perry (guitars) and Jaime Presciado (bass). “Dive In”, the first track from their new album, started the night off. It was only the opening song and yet the band had already given a taste of how the show was going to be. Vic’s vocals started echoing around the venue and the crowd started to sing along. Bright flashing lights, drum beats and guitar shredding creates quite the atmosphere in this sold out venue. Gas cannons and confetti starts releasing towards the end of the opening song. At that moment, everyone knew the night was going to be epic.


PTV then greeted the Houston crowd and went on to play ‘their fastest song ever’, “Texas is Forever”. They went on to play “The Divine Zero”, “Floral & Fading” and “Phantom Power & Ludicrous Speed”. The energy remained constantly (incredibly) high in the room. PTV sure knows how to put on a show. The one thing I loved about watching a live PTV show is that they sound really great live, though to me they sound way better live than in recordings. You can feel the emotions and raw energy of their music being translated through their guitar riffs, drumbeats and Vic’s unique vocals. Apart from that, the crowd interaction between who is on stage and who is in the crowd is just amazing. They never fail to address every section of the crowd, left stage, right, centre and even up in the balcony. The crowd roared and cheer in approval every time Vic or Jaime addresses them. Jaime Presciado in particular, never fails to acknowledge his side of the crowd, constantly calling out to them, jumping up and down his platform, calling them to clap their hands along to the music, he probably has the most energy amongst everyone else and the crowd on his side acknowledges back by giving out the loudest cheers in the room.


The night continued with “Circles”, clearly a crowd favorite. I swear if you closed your eyes and just listen, there may be thousands of fans in the room but all you hear is one voice, one loud voice drowning out Vic Fuentes’ own vocals. PTV then slowed things down with an acoustic rendition of “Today I Saw The Whole World”. If there is any doubt to how great Vic Fuentes vocals is, this acoustic performance clears any of that. I can’t even describe how great Vic’s voice is live. Like everyone else in the room, I was just drawn out to his strong, raw voice. It completely sets a different mood to the room, Before the song, Vic mentioned this was the first time that he had played the song and that he needed help from the crowd in singing it. He didn’t have to ask twice. The crowd sang with him throughout the song. It was a magical sight.


PTV quickly raised the energy level again to where they left off, if not higher, with “Gold Medal Ribbon”. Once again the room was filled with flashing lights and roaring crowd. Everyone was jumping up and down, even the ones seated up in the balcony started jumping off their seats. They went on to play “Bedless” and the groovy beat gets everyone dancing. I think this is something new from the band and it sounds awesome. Even the band members were dancing along. Vic and Jaime started dancing with their guitar and bass with Tony from the other side of the stage joining them shortly. I think what makes them a great band and performers are their on-stage chemistry. It is unlike any other bands, they’re just purely having fun on stage! This isn’t just about 4 people playing music in front of an audience, its about 4 people who love doing what they do and sharing and spreading this love and joy to the thousands who have gathered here tonight. Its no wonder it’s a sold out show. No one would want to miss this show.



PTV went on to play “Sambuka” and their ‘last’ song “Song for Isabelle”, because according to Vic, they have reached the end of their record and they’re running out of songs to play. This song was another crowd favorite. Everyone sang along to every word hands waving in the air. Towards the end of the song, Vic wanted the crowd to finish their song off and the band went silent with only the voice of the crowd finishing the song off and the band thanking everyone and left the stage. It wasn’t the end of it. Barely minutes as the band left the stage and the crowd was already chanting “Encore!” and “One more song”. They came back out to play 2 more songs. Vic and co. took fans down memory lane with “Bulls in the Bronx” and “King for a Day”. It was the best way to end the night. PTV left the fans with one of their best live performances fans left with happy faces, thrown guitar picks, drumsticks, handful of merch and head full of beautiful memories from tonight.




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