Heirsound announce Debut EP ‘Merge’ set for 8/5/16

Alternative Pop Duo HEIRSOUND, formed by Alexa San Román & Dane Petersen (formerly of Love, Robot) are thrilled to announce the official release of their colorful debut EP, titled Merge, set for 8/5/16. Merge EP consists of 6 songs, each song represented by a color that has an aura and a feeling, creating the color wheel. Up to the EP’s release, HEIRSOUND will be releasing a slew of music videos produced by San Román herself, each with the corresponding color as the theme. To date, HEIRSOUND has released two videos from Merge EP, “Do it Over” and “My Own.” Between the colors coming together and Alexa and Dane’s decision to start a new project, Merge is an all-encompassing title for their first body of work as HEIRSOUND. Here is what the duo had to say about the release of Merge EP:
“This EP represents to us both the collaboration of two artists from different hometowns, as well as a metaphorical bridge from both of our older bands’ previous sounds to what HEIRSOUND is now. As our old bands were more heavily rock-influenced, this EP has both elements of that as well as more electronic sounds letting long-time fans ease into this new sound.” – HEIRSOUND
Until Merge EP is released, fans of HEIRSOUND can anticipate a slew of new tracks and stunning self-produced music videos in the weeks to come. Head to the duo’s YouTube to catch the videos for “Do It Over” and “My Own.” Follow HEIRSOUND online to keep updated with new music, videos, and more.
Merge EP: Tracklisting:
1. Choke – RED
2. My Own – BLUE
3. Slow Motion – ORANGE
4. Hoods Up – PURPLE
5. Fell Again – GREEN
6. Do It Over – YELLOW

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