Interview: The Life Electric on Egos, Comradery, and an Unbridled Love for Fish Tacos

2015-12-10 The Life Electric (medium)

I met up with the guys around 6-ish at one Boston’s more attractive spots to grab a good drink, Audobon bar and grill. Four of the rock/pop quintet The Life Electric were waiting for me on the back patio, their drummer Joel wasn’t able to make it out. Right away I was put at ease as my contact with the group, Guitarist Ben Leang, stood up to greet me with a welcoming handshake.

Before I started asking any official interview questions, we all ordered some drinks and food. I opted for the roast beef sandwich with a side of sprouts while the guys mostly went for pasta dishes. We shot the shit for a bit while we got more comfortable opening up to each other.

After about ten minutes it was more like I had met up with friends I haven’t seen since high school. As we dove deep into heavy topics like past loves, future loves, the significance and absolute beauty of fish tacos, the conversation became organic; and with that, any tensioned formalness or rigidity of a typical band interview was lost.

As one drink became two, and two became some more, a chill picked up as the sun crept under the horizon. Not looking to move inside, we guessed we should get the ball rolling on this interview…

Me: So are you guys mostly from around here or?

Joey (Lead Singer): Well I’m from central Mass actually…

Me: Like Worcester?

Joey: Yeah actually, how’d you know?

Me: I have a good friend who lives there actually, and they get pretty offended when people say it’s Western Mass so she always stresses it as Central.

Joey: Yeah. It’s not Western Mass. Western is way out-there man.

Me: You’re a proud bunch haha. It’s getting pretty damn cold so let’s dig a littler deeper here. So tacos?

Ben (Guitar): Absolutely

*Corey (Bass) and Duey (Guitar and Keys) both solemnly shake their heads in agreement

Joey: Is there anything more perfect than fish tacos?

Me: I mean, nothing comes to mind but…

Corey: I feel that tacos as a whole are what makes touring great

Me: When you guys tour, would you say you guys try and eat healthy?

Joey: I mean, we’re pretty adult about not eating shitty food day after day, but there’s always room for tacos.

Me: Speaking of touring, how would you guys say your chemistry is as a group? I know you all came together from other bands. Must’ve been weird just being thrown together and churning out an album.

Ben: I think it’s great. No egos to be kept in check.

Joey: Yeah, I mean the great thing is that we’re older now, so it’s not an individual thing

Duey: We created a band for ourselves, so why wouldn’t it be a positive thing you know?

Ben: The tone was set from the beginning

Me: How so?

Ben: Pure comradery. It’s nice to be the weirdoes we are without thinking about it.

Corey: We’ve definitely never had to think about it.

Joey: And we all share a goal to make music, and we all think we’re on the cusp of something great.

Me: What defines great for The Life Electric?

Joey: We want to be that band that plays arenas, where everyone knows the words and is right there singing our music with us.

Me: That’s the dream. How do you guys plan on getting to that point?

Joey: And you just gotta’ say fuck it sometimes.

Me: What do you mean?

Joey: No great thing has ever come from not saying fuck it.

Me: That’s pretty profound.

Duey: We have our wisdom when we need it. (All the guys laugh)

Ben: Music, music, and more music.

Me: No fear of oversaturation?

Joey: Honestly, it’s a good point that’s brought up a lot nowadays with pop stars on the radio, but we think the idea of having too much music out, especially when you’re just starting, is nonsense.

Ben: Really it’s like, when people listen to your music and like it, they want to hear more. If you’re just starting out, you’re not gonna’ get big by starving your fans of more music.

Me: I know you just put out your album The Real You not long ago, you’re working on new stuff right now?

Corey: Yeah that guy is a crazy person over there. (Pointing to Ben)

Joey: Yeah man, he’s nuts. He’ll have a new piece written every time we see him.

Ben: Thanks man.

Me: Come on now Ben, no need to be modest.

Ben: We do have a lot of music. Realistically we have like 50 records that we could release right now.

Me: That’s awesome, any reason why you’re keeping them to the side

Ben: I mean everything will have its time, but it’s hard because we all just love making new music so much that by the time we finish something, we’re ready to get started on another.

Me: Sounds like a good problem to have.

Everyone (Nearly in unison): Oh for sure.

Me: What’s the future like looking forward for The Life Electric?

Joey: Just getting more traction.

Ben: And a lot more music.

Me: Traction how?

Joey: Well really, the hardest thing about being a band nowadays is trying to get traction, whether it be radio play, or fans on the west coast, or even just a strong following in Ohio.

Me: Any specific plan on how to do that?

Ben: Well our next album will be a lot of help.

Me: Another album? You guys really don’t sit on anything.

Duey: Yeah that’s never gonna’ be our style.

Joey: Sitting on current success if foolish in my mind. If people like what they hear then give them more.

Ben: And we have a lot more to give.

Me: Cheers to that.

Clinking our glasses to a bright future for The Life Electric, I’m genuinely excited to see what these guys put out next. And maybe getting them to spill their beloved taco spots.

Written by Alex Pellegrino

You can check out their Album The Real You on their Bandcamp.


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