Featured Artist: Filmspeed

Formed in 2004, Filmspeed is far more than just the average alternative pop/rock band.  Not only do they deliver a unique, loud, and funky sound, this OC-based trio knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to writing and performing their music.  Their latest LP “Heavy Decibels” speaks for itself – it has so much soul, so much passion, and raw sound; it’s purely a heavy alternative masterpiece and you can tell that all three of their members are 100% in it for the music they create.

Craig and Nick met in high school in their small town outside of Detroit.  After moving to LA 10 years ago to pursue their career in music and their career in Filmspeed, they went through a hiatus but picked it back up and started again back in 2014.  They searched for a new drummer and found James after many auditions with others, now they’re back and better than ever.

Filmspeed recently teamed up with a few other bands and Home Poet Records to release “Everything You Need To Know About Forgiving and Forgetting,” a compilation disc set to be out May 27th of this year.  All profits from every purchase will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

What’s next for Filmspeed? In a few weeks they’ll start recording for their newest EP as well as a possible West Coast regional tour.  If you’re close to Costa Mesa, California, be sure to check out their performance at this year’s OC Fair on July 30th!



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