BN Interview: Enter Shikari

Following a triumphant European tour that saw them hosting their most massive crowds to date, UK rock band Enter Shikari are announcing a Spring Tour to carry some of their adrenaline-drenched shows to North America. In anticipation of their current U.S tour, we sat down with Rory from the band to ask some questions.

How is the tour going so far?

Well we just got back off the european stretch of the mindsweep tour and are preparing ourselves to come over stateside and show you what we have been working on! the euro tour went really well though and just excited to be coming back to the states!

You guys just came back from a tour to different parts of the world, would you say the audiences you’ve seen varies from countries and cities?

i would say audiences do vary from city to city, but not so much from country to country. anywhere in the world you go the big cities always seem to have the biggest crowds with the most enthusiasm. unless you are lucky enough to stumble upon a small little town somewhere random that has a thriving local music scene. thats why we always like to explore out in the sticks, because you never know!

You guys have just released a fourth studio album,The Mindsweep, and personally I think it sounds really amazing. Would you say this album is the biggest album of Enter Shikari to date?

it depends what you mean by “biggest”. i personally think its our best work to date, and i think it “sounds the biggest”, but with the rapidly changing state of the music industry over the past 10 years its harder to judge exactly how “big” an album is on a commercial level. but it does seem to have had the biggest positive response so in summary, YES its our biggest album to date.

How did that name ‘The Mindsweep’ came about?

“the mindsweep” refers to the “sweeping away” of new ideas and technologies that threaten the current social and political systems by people who are currently benefiting from the way things are

When I listened to The Mindsweep, I hear all this different sounds mashed perfectly together introducing this new style yet not abandoning your signature style and sound. How did that come about? Is it a lot of experimenting? Trying to see what sounds right?

no, its just from always writing honest music. if you always write honestly then you will never deviate from your narrative

In The Mindsweep, you guys talked about global issues (social, political, environmental, etc.) currently happening around the world. Is this your way of trying to make a difference in the world? And are you hoping that your fans will do the same?

i guess mainly what we hope to achieve is to make people participate more in the wider social discussion, not to persuade people to think like us

The vocals in The Mindsweep are angrier, more passionate and aggressive than in your previous albums. Is this anger/frustration channeled to the world issues happening or the fact that it’s constantly happening yet no one seems to be doing anything about it?


The thing that I really love about watching bands performing live shows is the fact that bands always give their 100%, their passion for playing their music and the atmosphere that is created inside the venue. I have never seen a live Enter Shikari performance but I have seen some on Youtube and wow you guys took it to the next level. Do you guys have an intense session of how you guys want your shows to be? Do you guys worked individually with the people involved to make sure that is how your show wants it to be?

its a fine line really, we do try to push each other to put 1000% into every show, but we also have to respect that we aren’t always going to be in that perfect mindset to be the best we can be. i guess a lot of bands end up fighting a lot and ultimately breaking up because they try to control each other too much. like any working relationship you have to respect each others boundaries. luckily we have a pretty good balance these days, i guess that comes from being the exact same line up for 11 years

Would you say your music now reaches out to wider, larger range of audience and fanbase than before?

i would say that the general public are a lot more open to our music these days but i think that has more to do we “them” changing than “us”. the internet has made people way more open to different types of music than ever and crossover genres are the norm now. which is great for us

How has Enter Shikari changed over the years as a band, your lifestyle, the process of wiriting music? Ever since Take to The Skies, Common Dreads?

everything around the band has changed, we now have real “adult” style lives at home, but the band and the way we write etc. is pretty much the same

What/who influences The Mindsweep? Both musically and non-musical.

people who are progressive and innovative

What are Enter Shikari’s future ambitions/goals?

to not suck

What is your favorite song from The Mindsweep?

hard to say. it changes all the time, but at the moment, I’m really enjoying playing Torn Apart so i’ll go with that

Watch their video for “Redshift” below.

Interview by Arief Stark


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