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BN  Review: Mariana’s Trench – Astoria


Grab your leg warmers and brush up on your truffle shuffle, because the Canadian rock band Marinas Trench is returning to the music scene and taking you straight back to the ‘80’s with “Astoria”. The album art and several song titles are from the 1985 cult classic, “The Goonies”, which was filmed in (wait for it) Astoria, Oregon. The songs themselves carry a heavy influence from a range of popular bands of the decade, including Prince, Eurhythmics, and the King of Pop himself. This record is full of Easter eggs for any fan of ‘80’s music, even drawing from the Kenny Loggins classic “Footloose”.

With a staggering 17 tracks, including four well-placed interludes, this record is a long one, but never gets boring. Drawing from its cinematic inspiration, the music mixes quirky pop-punk with more traditional orchestral pieces sprinkled in for a dash of that movie grandeur. The first and title track blends both of these elements to clock in at around 7 minutes, claiming the title of longest song on the album. When all is said and done, the listener’s eclectic journey totals 57 minutes, 11 seconds.

Due to a string of bad luck for lead singer Josh Ramsay, “Astoria” can be considered the most personal of Marinas Trench’s albums. Pressure to write the album, along with his mother’s hospitalization and the end of his engagement ended with Ramsay himself in the hospital for a brief period of time. With nowhere go to but up, the frontman was released and immediately began recording again. Inspired by the whimsy of the 1980’s, the band began recording and produced music that combines the real with the upbeat, comedy with tragedy.

All in all “Astoria” is a great listen. Even the more mellow songs such as “One Love” are still interesting to the ear; it could be said that there isn’t a dull moment on the entire record. It appeals to a wide audience, and does a fantastic job of embodying the motto “Goonies never say die!”

By Dawn Silvan


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